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Day of Prayer for 9/11 Truth Jews, Christians and Muslims from around the world are uniting to pray for 9/11 truth every Friday afternoon. (Muslim congregational prayer occurs shortly after noon on Fridays.) Muslims are asking God to end the nazi-style persecution aimed at them, and related political violence perpetrated by all sides, by helping reveal the the truth about what happened on 9/11. All are invited to join.

Steven Jones Launches Pray for Peace Initiative

From Steven Jones:

The thought came powerfully actually to me last evening that we could unite in prayer/du’a/meditation, those who wish to do so of course, along these lines:


(Call for International Prayer for Peace during the month of April.)

 We urge prayers or meditations according to one’s beliefs and tradition throughout the world:

1. For an end to wars of genocide and aggression.

2. That no nuclear (including tactical nuclear) weapons will ever be used again.

3. That the truth about 9/11 and other false-flag attacks will become known, and justice prevail in this life as well as the next.

4. That a period of peace and rest for all the Earth will come, supplanting violence.

Thanks, Steven! And spread the word, everybody. For you skeptics out there, keep in mind that some scientific studies seem to show that prayer has an effect. For an interesting "scientific" explanation of how that could be, check out another iconoclastic physicist, Casey Blood: http://www.paraview.com/blood/index.htm


Please Join our 9/11 Truth Prayers

On November 28th, 2004, we received an email from Catherine Austin Fitts, who served as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the Bush I Administration. Catherine is a Christian whose religiously-inspired ideals led her into a dangerous battle with criminal syndicates that were manipulating big-city housing markets. Recently she has been an eloquent voice for 9/11 truth.

Catherine wrote:

"Is there any way that we could start a prayer and meditation for 9/11 truth....not sure how to do this. I was recently very moved by the video, Transformations, available from www.sentinelgroup.org about the power of community prayer. If we could reinvent this notion on a non-denominal basis, it could be very powerful."

That email gave birth to MUJCA-NET’s Day of Prayer for 9/11 Truth. Every Friday afternoon, participating Muslims, Christians and Jews, along with well-wishers from other traditions, spend a few minutes praying or meditating for 9/11 truth. The Friday Day of Prayer for 9/11 Truth began with the New Year of 2005 and will continue until 9/11 truth issues are resolved. To participate, simply take a few minutes from your lunch break on Fridays to pray or meditate for 9/11 truth. Muslims who participate in Friday congregational prayers can offer a du’a, a petition to God, for 9/11 truth at the appropriate moments during the services. Those from other faiths can support Muslims, the main victims of the official myth of 9/11, by offering the same prayer or meditation according to the custom of their own traditions.

We  hope to turn the Day of Prayer for 9/11 Truth into a public event, in which Jews, Christians and Muslims in selected cities join together in a Pray-In for 9/11 truth. If you would like to be informed of upcoming public Pray-Ins, please email MUJCA-NET and put “prayer” in the subject header.

Please Support MUJCA-NET MUJCA-NET needs your support. We are a non-profit organization and the scale of our activities depends entirely on your generosity. We would like to get copies of David Griffin's two 9/11 books (see above) into the hands of every religious leader in America. And we would like to push 9/11 truth onto the front pages of every newspaper in America. But we can't do it without your help. If you would like to donate to MUJCA-NET, click here.



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