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http://www.WantToKnow.info - Revealing major cover-ups & working together for the good of all

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http://www.weboflove.org - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all

Growing Trend.Com

Dear Friends,

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

"Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah. It makes absolutely no
difference, what people think of you."

Well, along those lines, I've started a website called GrowingTrend.com. Go ahead and click on http://www.GrowingTrend.com to see the prototype of the site.

As many of you know, I've got a website called 911Proof.com , which discusses the ugly truths behind 9-11. I'm also a spiritual person, and believe (as all of you do) in our ability to co-create our reality and the world we live in.

The intention: GrowingTrend.com will look at the most important news headlines, and then put them in a bigger context of the historical and spiritual trend that they represent. Even seemingly very bad news we will try to frame in the Opportunity it represents.

This will not be a rose-colored glasses site -- it will address the world as it really is. But it will put a positive/spiritual spin on it by addressing the hidden trends and the potential of making lemonade out of lemons.

The invitation: I'm too busy to do it myself. And MORE IMPORTANTLY, I need your intellectual, spiritual and get-it-done power in order to make it a worthwhile website.

The recipients of this email are spiritual powerhouses, can-move-mountains heroes, brilliant writers, and turn your dreams into reality type people (I'm keeping your names anonymous unless you ok my making them public to the other members of the team).

Blessings and Let's Kick Some Butt,


P.S The first quote is Goethe and the second is Rumi.


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