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 Half of Gordon's Prize




Greening Gets Half of Ross's Galileo Prize

(But Which Half?) 

On Dec 14, 2006, at 3:55 PM, greening wrote: 

Dear Kevin: 

I would like to claim half of Gordon's prize.... 


Well, at least half of his winning "essay" was about the mysterious "Dr. Greening", and, what is more, "Gordon-the-Brave" freely quotes from "Dr. Greening". 

Furthermore, G.ROSS quotes "Dr. Greening's" pearl's of wisdom WITHOUT Dr Greening's PERMISSION, in clear violation of copyright laws. 

But more importantly:Gordon couldnot have written his missive "Gordon Ross is Pretty Sure He Exists”  without me! 

Therefore, in the interests of fair play and equity, I think half of Gordon's prize should go to "Dr. Greening" for making it all possible..... 

Don't you agree?                                     

Frank (aka. Dr.Greening)

----- Original Message -----

From: Kevin Barrett

To: greening

Sent:Tuesday, February 06, 2007 5:19 PM

Subject:Re: Galileo Award 

sorry, Frank!

you should stop being so darn mysterious ; )

anyway, you definitely get half the prize


Dear Kevin, 

    Sorry, I am not intentionally mysterious as you say... I really am a very ordinary guy... living a very ordinary life with my dear family, 

    So how do I get half the prize?

                                                Regards, Frank

Dear Frank, 

Okay, you are hereby awarded one half of theGalileo prize—and your half is the Horky Prize. For just as Galileo's planets served a useful purpose, which was to torment Horky, so do the phenomena you deny—molten steel, free-fall collapses, multi-ton beam fragments blown outwards and upwards four hundred feet to impale neighboring buildings, the utter pulverization of the towers into pyroclastic slurry, gobs of eyewitness reports of explosions beginning before the planes hit and continuing intermittently up to the final demolition, video of the flashes and squibs, audio of the explosions, seismic evidence, chemical thermate residue on molten/evaporated column pieces, the singular lack of anything remotely approaching 110 stories worth of rubble (everything was pulverized and blown out in pyroclastic clouds), the gravitational energy deficit, Silverstein's televised confession to demolishing Building 7, the tower-top toppling 20 degrees and suddenly evaporating into dust, and so on – all serve a very useful purpose, which is to torment you. 

Consider yourself tormented.



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