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Khidria—named for the mysterious green saint/prophet al-Khadir—is a religious/educational nonprofit organization that serves as a place of worship (masjid or mosque) and a zawiya, a rural institute of Islamic spirituality, education and outreach. Its educational/outreach function consists of propagating, explaining and exploring the teachings of Islamic spirituality in general, and the environmental implication of those teachings in particular. In the Islamic view, the world (like its inhabitants) is not “fallen” or otherwise flawed. God's creation is perfect, and human beings are the stewards of creation, not its radical transformers or apocalyptic destroyers. Islam's temporal mission in our age is to help humanity sanely and consciously terminate the era of rapid economic and technological growth, and move to a sustainable way of life. These changes will require putting an end to the current economic system based on usury–a system that can only function under conditions of permanent rapid economic growth that are an epiphenomenon of the fossil fuel era whose end is rapidly approaching. The necessary changes will also require the end of the militaristic nation state as the basic political unit, and its replacement by a peaceful planetary political culture informed by (a) the experience of the Islamic world in its middle period, when a global Islamic culture flourished even in the absence of a strong state apparatus; and (b) by the experience of Islamic culture at its most open and tolerant, especially Andalusia (Islamic Spain), where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived side-by-side in a relatively peaceful and culturally dynamic synthesis.

It is a well-known and established teaching of Islam that human beings are the stewards or viceregents (khulafá') of God's creation, charged with the responsibility of properly caring for the world around them. Unfortunately, at this moment in history it appears that humanity is failing miserably at this task, a failure for which we will be held accountable on Judgment Day. The message of Islam, based on the Holy Qur'ân (which orients, amends, and finalizes all of the countless Divine Teachings that humanity has been given) holds the key to the transformation of humanity from irresponsible to a responsible stewardship. It is our intention to elucidate and explore that message as it pertains to the stewardship of earth, with full consideration of the environmental, aesthetic and religious sciences.

Khidria and its masjid (mosque) and zawiya (spiritual retreat and information center) serves both Muslim and non-Muslim communities of southern and western Wisconsin as well as visitors from outside those regions by:

*Offering a place, as well as informational and logistical assistance, for those who wish to practice salât, spiritual retreat, dhikr (“remembrance of God,” i.e. Islamic meditation) and rihla táliban al-`ilm (voyage in search of knowledge);

*Promoting education and dialogue concerning Islam's contribution to solving our current environmental crisis, and environmental science's relevance to Islam, by methods that may include hands-on workshops, educational events and conferences as well as the publication of books, pamphlets, audio recordings, internet materials, and films;

*Call attention to the idea that stewardship of creation requires not just the proper management of what God has already created, but also a proper orientation and participation in the ongoing process of creation. This includes honoring creativity, especially aesthetic creativity, by recognizing that human creative thought and activity is a key part of the ubiquitous process of Divine creativity, and that the planetary environmental crisis will require a shift away from the “creative” (actually destructive) transformations of large quantities of matter and energy for no good reason, toward (low impact) psycho-spiritual creativity. Green Man Springs will promote sustainable expressive culture (with an eye to the traditions of the traditional Islamic arts) including permaculture gardening and landscaping, composting, organic food production and preparation, herbal healing, architecture, folklore, music, literature, film, and the visual arts, by offering educational workshops and materials, and acting as a producer and distributor when appropriate.

Worship services
in Islam include daily ritual prayer (salaat), invocations (du`a), meditation (dhikr), and Friday congregational prayer (salaat al-jum`a). Green Man Springs will host some or all of these activities, in accordance with the needs of the community and visitors.

Islamic spiritual
retreat involves spending a given period of time apart from other people, preferably in a quiet, natural setting, and cultivating God-consciousness by way of meditation and spiritual exercises. City-dwellers look forward to visiting rural zawiyas and performing spiritual retreat as a refreshing change from the over-hominized atmosphere of the city. Khidria hopes to offer spiritual retreat sites on the property, and will also lend assistance and logistical support to those who seek a more secluded retreat in nearby wilderness areas

Rihla taliban al-`ilm.
The traditional Islamic educational system involved traveling to find someone who could teach the subject the individual wanted to learn, as well as to share ones own knowledge and inspiration. Khidria will serve as a way-station for travelers in search of knowledge, offering food, lodging, a library, and co-instruction in cooking, herbalism, eco-friendly construction, permaculture gardening projects, and religion and mysticism.

Khidria will spearhead educational campaigns in accordance with its mission. Its first two campaigns will be directed toward: promoting spiritual permaculture, a sustainable way of life based on spiritual knowledge, deep religious pluralism, and earth stewardship (Spiritual Permaculture); and bringing together those seeking practical alternatives to the current usurious economic system in the form of alternative currencies (Alternative Currency Alliance).

Communications and Outreach.
Khidria also hosts a reading and lending library of over 2,000 books, and a listening library of over 1,000 tapes and compact discs. As resources permit, it will publish and produce books, films and audio material.


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