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How Do You Turn Catastrophe Into Art?

"Nowadays the process is automatic. A nuclear plant explodes? We'll have a play on the London stage within a year. A President is assassinated? You can have the book or the film or the filmed book or the booked film. War? Send in the novelists. A series of gruesome murders? Listen for the tramp of the poets. We have to understand it, of course, this catastrophe; to understand it, we have to imagine it, so we need the imaginative arts. But we also need to justify it and forgive it, however minimally. Why did it happen, this mad act of Nature, this crazed human moment? Well, at least it produced art. Perhaps, in the end, that's what catastrophe is for."
—Julian Barnes, A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters, p.125

"Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver."
—Hermann Goering

"'Tis strange—but true; for truth is always strange;
Stranger than fiction!"
—Lord Byron



Caution:  Satire!

Mondo Terror Alert! Osama Bin Laden 6th Anniversary Video

Mondo Terror Down Under: Bush Mooned, "Osama" Busted

Mondo Terror Alert:  House Passes Page Detainee Bill backed by Bush

House Passes Page Detainee Bill backed by Bush

When Art is Incapable of Matching Life By Robert Fisk

The Emperor’s Plane Is Very Smartly Dressed

Cheney Cancels Chicago Terror Attack:  Says Sears Tower Demolition "Way Too Obvious," Shoots Silverstein in Face - by PFC Khadir McTeague, Ghost Troop

Terrifying New Terror Campaign by Terrorists Terrorizing Terrified Tourists at Camp Timidford, Texas  http://www.mytown.ca/sanityclaws/ 

The Missing Portion of the Fatty Bin Laden "Confession Video"  http://www.dcdave.com/article4/011216.html

The Madman Theory: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 9/11

The Ballad of “al-Zarqawi”

Dirty Bomb Alabama (apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Al-Qaida* Job Applications Now Available!

Deranged Bush Gives World the Finger; Analyst-Author Justin Frank Thinks He's Back on the Bottle


Muhammad Ali Gestures to Bush that he's Nuts while Receiving Medal

The Naudet Film Footage

Blow Up II

9/11 is Already the Worst Movie Ever Made

'Conspiracy Theorist' Asserts: Bush and Cheney are Death Lizards from Outer Space!!!



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