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Empire and Karmic Fall Out




Barrett Colleague and Buddhist Scholar James K. Powell II Endorses MUJCA, 9/11 Truth

Dr. James K. Powell II, a colleague of Kevin Barrett's in the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Religious Studies departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has bravely offered a ringing endorsement of the 9/11 truth movement and its contention that the World Trade Center was destroyed by controlled demolitions.

Until now, Barrett has been almost the lone public voice of 9/11 skepticism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While U.W. Folklore professor Jim Leary has admitted to the press that he has doubts about the veracity of the 9/11 Commission Report, none of Barrett's other colleagues has been willing to publicly voice their skepticism about the official conspiracy theory that 19 Arab hijackers with box cutters brought down three World Trade Center skyscrapers. (Nor have any of the more than 2,000 professors at U.W.-Madison been willing to accept Barrett's challenge and defend the 9/11 Commission Report in a public debate.)

"Dr. Powell is not the first U.W. colleague of mine who has revealed to me that he or she shares my interpretation of 9/11," Barrett said. "But he is apparently the bravest."

Dr. Powell's endorsement of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth ( is part of a move to broaden the Alliance beyond the monotheistic Abrahamic faiths. MUJCA is dedicated to building bridges between the faiths and defusing the crusade-jihad that has torn the great Abrahamic traditions since 9/11. It welcomes support from those of all faith traditions and worldviews who oppose religious hatred and would like to see the monotheists stop killing each other, whatever their interpretation of the facts and meaning of 9/11.

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Dr. James K. Powell II, Visiting Asst. Professor from MATC, Buddhist Studies, UW - Madison, Dept. of the Languages and Cultures of Asia, writes:

The idea of a /pretextus/ - a pretext or reason to go to war, is far older than the Romans who used it self-consciously. Without a free press, a proclamation could be read aloud to the public to inspire their emotions to offer their lives in order to expand the boundaries of capitalism and empire. I have heard Kevin Barrett enumerate the many "pretexts" offered as frauds to motivate "the masses" (you and me) to greed, hatred, fear and murder.

I have now seen two 911 documentaries thanks to the thoughtful presentations by Dr. Barrett. In the first we found the connections to republican contributors as owners of the very flight school at which the 911 hijackers allegedly studied. I was half but not entirely convinced. Always more than suspicious anyway, my thoughts were, but how does one prove it? Where is the clear evidence?

It is in this regard that having seen some 12 times the collapse of Building 7 throughout these videos, it has dawned upon me what a dupe I have been. Everyone has been. The DVD captures news anchors and experts at the time commenting at how like a demolition job the destruction seemed. In the videos we see an official deciding whether to "pull it" meaning Building 7. From whatever source, I urge skeptics to watch building 7 just make a free fall. Compare the destruction of these buildings with that of the Madrid Hotel that raged with fires but still did not fall.

It is up to citizens to investigate the smoke that points to the fire. As Franklin indicated, those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither.

This is not a Muslim - Christian issue only. Writing as a Buddhist who is also a Buddhist scholar, the implications of proving these facts to the public are tremendous, and hold sway for everyone in the world.

The last superpower has spent itself, and the tremendous fraud will have /karmic/ consequences, truth will out.


James K. Powell II

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