The American Involvement in 9/11

Before the attacks, the American people knew little of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. But due to the involvement of the American forces in the Gulf War, many Muslim countries were really angry. America had imposed many sanctions on Iraq. There were tensions in any Muslim groups against America. This proved to be a motivation for the attacks.

One of the first Fatwa was issued in August 1996 and the second one was issued in February 1998. In both, the Fatwas Muslims across the globe were told that God has asked them to kill every American and loot their money. They also called the religious leaders of the Muslim community to raid against the American troops, as they are the army of the devil. This Fatwa was in response to the prolonged stay of US troops in the Saudi Arabia even after the Gulf War. And, America also supported Israel. This was also a reason why Muslim countries hated Americans so much.

Wall Street is bombarded with protests from people wanting to know the truth behind allegations of corruption in government

Reasons to believe America was involved in 9/11

Many theories and conspiracies stated that there were some internal reasons behind the attack. Many experts proposed theories in support of their case. Some of these conspiracy theorists were able to make their case, and some could not. Some of the famous theories that presented the facts of American involvement were as follows:


Greed is a factor that can make any human do anything in this world. Some of the theorists believe that money could be a factor that could have inspired the big players of the market. In the days leading up to the 9/11, there was an increase in the put-to-call ratio for United Airlines and American Airlines. These were the airlines whose planes were hijacked on the day of attack.

NORAD Theory:

NORAD is the agency that deals with internal security of the airspace. They have the authority and power to destroy or tail any hijacked plane in the American airspace. On the morning of the attacks, NORAD told their planes to stand down even when they could have prevented the collision of the planes with the Pentagon and Twin Towers. It was also observed that the then Vice President ordered the defence secretaries to give him the command of NORAD. This was the first time in history that a Vice President had taken command of NORAD.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the World Trade Center may have been deliberately bombed

Internal Bomb theory:

Many researchers believe that the fall of the twin towers of WTC was a planned demolition if the facts are compared with the physics theories. The commercial planes that are used in the airlines are always made with lightweight aluminium. This is done so as to meet more speed and fuel efficiency. There is no way that a plane made of aluminium could destroy the hard steel structure of the twin towers so that they could collapse. Many people are believed to say that they heard internal bombings in the building even before the planes hit them. Moreover, in no case could a plane could make an explosion at that scale, so that it could melt the steel structure of the towers.

It is not clear whether there was American involvement in the attacks or not, but one thing is clear: these attacks caused a lot of harm to many people.

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