The World’s Stand On the 9/11 Attacks

The 9/11 attacks were coordinated series of attacks on American soil by the group of terrorists belonging to the Islamic group Al-Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden was the first person that took the responsibility for the attack on America. The attacks left scars on the American people. Before the attacks, the people of America had little knowledge about the person named Osama bin Laden and most people had not even heard about the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

According to government reports nearly 3000 people were killed in the attack. Nearly 600 people were left injured after the attack. Moreover, these attacks are responsible for many health issues in the local citizens. The attacks have been estimated to have caused about $10 billion worth of damage to property and infrastructure. In the attacks, four aeroplanes of 2 airlines were hijacked by 19 terrorists and collided with the WTC, the Pentagon, and one plane crashed into the fields of Pennsylvania. The buildings of the WTC collapsed after being hit by the planes.

Airport security has tightened tremendously since the 9/11 terror attacks occurred

Raised Internal Security Awareness

This opened the eyes of the American government towards internal security. Almost all the allies of America and its friendly countries stood up with the USA after the attacks. There were rallies made in support of America. But this attack also started hatred among the Muslims and non-Muslims in various parts of the world. Many reports surfaced about people celebrating the attacks on America.

The attacks on America spread like wildfire in all over the world. Almost every media channel in the world reported the attacks in their countries. Nations offered support to the American government after the attacks.

Iraq was the only country that officially gave a statement in support of the attacks. The official statement was “The American cowboys are reaping the fruit of their own crimes against humanity.”This statement was directed towards the government of America and their involvement in the Gulf War for such a long time.

Middle East Countries Express Concern over US Future

Saudi Arabia also gave an official statement against the attacks. But many Saudi people secretly favoured Osama Bin Laden. They believed that Osama was doing the right thing. There were reports that people were celebrating the attacks on America in the regions of Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. But the government of Palestine also condemned the attacks. There were celebrations which had about 3000 people in Palestine dancing in the streets and giving away candies.

The same reports surfaced from Jordan about people celebrating the attacks.These were some reports from Muslim countries. The United Nations condemned attacks. They stated that they were ready to take any preventive measures against the people suspected to have had involvement in the attacks.

 Britain, which was an ally of America, said they stand “shoulder to shoulder” war with the United States. After the attacks, the then British Prime Minister flew to America. President Bush declared in a speech to Congress said that “there is no truer friend than Britain”.

Military leaders from US allies like Britain and Canada met with top US military officials to dissects the events of that fateful day

International Show of Support

Around 200,000 people in Berlin, Germany held a peace march in support of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. In France also, their leading newspaper had the headline “We are all Americans”. These were the reactions from the European countries.

The Asian countries like Afghanistan also condemned the attacks on America. But they feared that America would take action against the Taliban government who were accused of harbouring the Al-Qaeda terrorists. Many people flew from the country. Pakistan, who shared a long border with Afghanistan, allowed US forces to use their resources and military bases. Pakistan also arrested about 600 suspected Al-Qaeda members and handed them over to the US. there were some hard after effects because of the role of Pakistan in this GlobWaron Terrorism.

World Leaders Speak Up

During the attacks, the Australian Prime Minister was present in the US. After the attacks, he invoked allies to support to America and said that Australia would be part of any military action against the terrorists who caused these inhumane attacks.

These were the reactions from all over the world. Most of the countries stood with America in this situation. But one thing was clear: this attack changed the perspective of people about Muslim nations and this escalated the tensions between the Muslim and non-Muslim nations which played a crucial role in the upcoming war that America saw as one of the longest wars it had ever waged.

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