9/11 Is A Conspiracy, Suggests Recent Revelations

A recent survey has established that 54.3% of Americans believe the government is concealing vital information about 9/11. If this were true, it could only mean one thing – the government is trying to hide an ugly truth. And this notion is not so hard to believe especially considering that it has happened in America’s history over and over again.

Conspiracy Theories

America can be said to be a society entrenched in conspiracy. Hollywood has made enough movies, some based on books, about these conspiracies. Recent revelations now suggest that 9/11 could just be another big conspiracy. A research that surveyed 1,511 American adults found out that there was a solid minority in the population who were convinced that 9/11 was a government conspiracy. This group of people was also found to have conspiracy theories concerning President Obama’s birth certificate and the AIDS virus origin. Close to a fourth of the respondents believe that there was more than meets the eye in the Supreme Court Justine Scalia Antonin’s death.  The following are some of the top incidents that most Americans believe the government is deliberately withholding vital information about:

  • 9/11 terrorist attacks – 54%
  • JFK assassination  –  50%
  • Global warming – 42%
  • One-world government plans – 33%
  • President Obama’s birth certificate – 30.2%
  • AIDS virus origin – 30.1 %
  • Supreme Court Justine Scalia Antonin’s death  – 27.8 percent
  • Landing on the moon  – 24.4%

9/11 Truth Movement

Most of the 9/11 truth movement adherents hold the view that the government played an important role in the 9/11 attacks. Some hold a softer stand that the government might not have been directly involved but at least they knew of the looming attack but decided to do nothing to stop it for selfish reasons. Most adherents who blame the government for being involved in the 9/11 attacks believe the government stage-managed the attacks as a way of creating a good excuse for going to war in the Middle East. This, they say, was all a plot to consolidate and strengthen the presidency of George Bush.

Just like the JFK assassination truth movement, the 9/11 truth movement is a movement that just refuses to go away. There have been lots of theories that point to fact that 9/11 was not what the public was told. The most recent revelation, which is arguably the most interesting, is an analysis of the footage of the collapse of the twin towers with that of a controlled demolition. Some demolition experts argue that the way the twin towers collapsed is the exact pattern that one would see in a controlled demolition. According to these experts, the only way for the towers to have collapsed vertically as witnessed would be through a controlled explosion.

The three engineers that spearheaded this school of thought base their allegations on three main points:

  1. A fire seldom reaches a hot enough point to make a well-built steel structure to buckle
  2. Most, if not all, skyscrapers are installed with sprinklers to prevent fires from reaching certain temperatures
  3. Use of flame-proof materials is standard procedure when building high-rise buildings to prevent them from collapsing

Furthermore, they argue that way back in 1993, Skilling John, who was the lead structural engineer of the World Trade Center, said that the buildings were specifically designed to withstand a plane crashing into them. The engineer reportedly told the Seattle Times that in the unlikely event of a plane ramming into the building, there would be a horrendous fire resulting in the deaths of many people. However, the building would still stand strong after such an incident. If you couple this with the latest findings by contemporary engineers, it is clear that something does not add up.

Is this latest revelation enough to reopen the 9/11 investigations? Well, only time will tell.

Perpetrators Has Been Caught

Many of male perps has been caught recently, stealing from the local retail shops. While it might not be directly related to the issue of conspiracy theories, it becomes a problem of social nature. We present to you, the result of catching them stealing red-handed. Please note it might be a fantasy & taboo nature of the website.

Who Believes It?

It makes sense that for a conspiracy to remain buried for good, very few people need to be involved. The more the people are involved, the harder it gets to keep the plot a secret. Naturally, pessimistic people are more likely to buy into a conspiracy theory. Research also established that a white and employed republican that had a lower income was more likely to believe conspiracy theories. The odds increase if this white employed republican was a Christian who doesn’t attend church very often.

Most conspiracy theorists are generally pessimistic about the future, are less trusting in relationships and are generally fearful of the government.  Fear is a powerful motivator and the same way it can drive an ordinary person to think of owning a gun is the exact same way it can cause them to believe most conspiracy theories.


The adherents of the 9/11 truth movement are convinced that the demolition theory is the best evidence they have to prove their allegations. The best way to either confirm or dispel their allegations would be to reopen the 9/11 investigation – but even if this was to happen, would the 9/11 truth movement adherents trust the government investigative agencies? Not likely.


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