The Most Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories About 9/11

It has been 17 years, ever since the attack took place in the United States on the 11th of September but even after so many long years conspiracy theories continue to exist. Ever since the breaking down of the Twin Tower a lot of official reports got published, but when there is doubt on a single theory immediately there is a shift in focus to the following question that is unanswered. Every facet of the account is questioned irrespective of the fact that more evidences and witnesses has been provided each year for strengthening the official explanation.

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A Glance At The Different Conspiracy Theories Of 9/11

These days quite surprisingly, people spend enough time discussing about conspiracy theories without realizing that they often do harm than good. It will divert your attention from the facts right away and allow harmful effects and real crimes to continue. You can spot these conspiracy theories resting on some features, namely- it lacks evidence, simpler alternatives do not take into consideration and they get viral easily. Below are some of the most unbelievable conspiracy theories of 9/11.

  • Inside Traders Were Aware Of The Attack – A few days after the 9/11 attack a lot of put options had been placed on two airline stocks-United and American which were the planes that were hijacked on 9/11. Based on this some theorists feel that traders were given advance warning regarding the attacks and that they took advantage of it.
  • The US Government Was Aware Of The Attack – Most people believed that NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) ordered the flight jets deliberately to allow the hijacked airplanes to arrive to their target. In fact, America has a highly powerful air force yet failed in intercepting any planes on that particular day. So, theorists are of the suspicion that this is a conspiracy made by the government to allow the attacks.
  • Flight 93 Had Been Shot Down – Flight 93 made attempts in rescuing the airplane from the hijackers, but its struggle caused it to crash. Theorists argue that the military had shot down the plane and so it disintegrated across a big area.
  • Pentagon Had Been Struck By A Missile – The early photos and video clippings taken from the tragedy scene did not reveal much evidence regarding the wreckage of the Pentagon. So theorists believe that it had been struck by an unmanned drone or a missile. Besides, they also stated that the damage caused to the structure of the building was small to have been done by any commercial airliner as well as the question as to why the airplane was allowed in crashing into the United States Department of Defense’s headquarters.
  • The Twin Towers Were Damaged By Explosives – Within some time after the Twin Towers had been attacked there was news stating that this was a controlled demolition as the manner in which the building knocked off so quickly as well as perfectly into its respective footprint. When the dust got settled, theorists raised evidenced in the likes of witness testimonies showing reports of explosions that were heard prior to the falling of the Towers and debris were shooting out visibly from the lower part of the building. They were against the official report, which stated that the Towers fell because of a lot of structural damage made by the airplanes and resulting fires. Rather, they argued that the fire in the building did not actually burn for so long that can result in this catastrophic collapse.

The different conspiracy theories about 9/11 attack had resulted in harmful effects. There are a lot of Americans who have completely forgotten about what it means in being an American. The ongoing terrorism lottery, which at any time could pick one as a victim is going on with no stop in sight. The 9/11 wars which depended on the official accounts indeed are bankrupting the nation morally and financially alike.

There are a lot of people who are against the official tale of events, covering the day both in the fog of doubt and suspicion. There are some theories that push the confines of belief, putting the blame on the shape-shifting aliens and/or asking people to take into consideration whether the airplanes really were missiles having holograms similar to a plane and there are some theories which indeed raises a few eyebrows.

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