Ways In Which 9/11 Has Been Handled By The World

After the attacks, the world was left in shock that such an act could be done by terrorists to any nation. Moreover, these attacks had an infrastructural loss of over $10 billion. Here are the main points that tell how the world changed after the attacks, how the countries responded after the attacks and what were the responses of America after the attacks.

European Countries

Almost all the European countries are allies with the USA. The people of the European countries responded first to the attacks and consolidated with the Americans.

There were candlelight walks and gathering in respect of the victims of the 9/11 attacks and to show that the whole world stands with them.

A human chain was formed in front of the Brussels World Trade Center in Belgium. Hundreds of people participated in this human chain by holding each other’s hand.

A national mourning day was declared in Croatia. All the school children observed a moment of silence for the victims.

Russia also responded to the attack. Vladimir Putin said that all the previous hostilities between the two countries will be put aside as America deals with this tragedy. All the radios, TVs were kept silent to commemorate the dead.

Member countries of the EU (European Union) expressed full support to the US after the attacks on 911

Reactions of Muslims in America

After the attack, there was a fear in the minds of the Muslims residing in America that they could be targeted if any hate crimes happened. Although they did not have any links to the attacks, they feared that they could be accused. Many of these Muslims were engineers, scientists etc. working with the U.S companies. After the attacks, many councils and associations of the American Muslims condemned the attack in their official statements. They also asked for a strict action against the people who have done this immoral act.

Muslim Countries

Many Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. made official statements in support of America. They all said that this act is very inhumane. And they are with America in this time of distress.

Immediate steps taken by nations after 9/11

The first step that was taken by countries after this attack was to tighten the internal security of the countries. This attack was also the first one in which the internet was widely used. As at that time there was less security on this network, so the first thing done was that the internal network was secured by the countries.

In other measures, many countries grounded their flights in the fear of the hijacking. London was declared a no-fly zone for several days after the attacks. No civilian plane could enter London airspace after the attacks.

Countries now were more concerned about the foreign citizens that were living in their countries. Programs were developed so that information about the citizens of the country could be gathered.

This is an article that was published in the Washington Post on how the world changed after 9/11 attacks.

Immediate American Response After the Attacks

The first response after the attacks was to ground all the flights into or outside the country. Planes were escorted to airports in America and Canada. After the attacks, search and rescue missions were done to find any survivors in the rubble of the twin towers. President Bush addressed the nation in the time of the grave situation and told them, “We all stand united against the people who try to do harm to the American people.”

US servicemen pledge renewed vigor in the fight for terrorism

Within two months of the attacks, President Bush passed the law “Global War on Terrorism” in which in it was stated that NATO would invade Afghanistan to uproot the Taliban government who was harbouring the planners of the 9/11. Heavy mobilisation of American troops was done. Pakistan was one of the countries that allowed the US to use their military bases. This war was one of the longest war in American history, and it nearly crippled the economy. The war proved to be long and it wasted the money that American people had earned.

All the American troops that were stationed outside America in foreign military bases were on high alert after the attacks.

The war was still not won but in 2014 the American President announced the removal of troops from Afghanistan. Now only some supporting troops remain to train the security forces of Afghanistan and help them.

The US government made changes in immigration and deportation rules. Now visa application for various countries was made more difficult. There was an increase in the number of deportations from America. The citizens who were not eligible to remain in America were deported back to their countries.